Los Angeles Pride: Thunder Ground

The days of Roller Disco return to Los Angeles this summer with a giant new outdoor roller skating rink opening inside LA Pride’s 2014 Festival.

Produced by Andres Rigal & Luke Nero, Thunder Ground aims to pick up the torch and pay homage to the nightclub roller rinks and infamous daytime Playboy Mansion Roller Skating parties of the late 70s and early 80s. However in addition to 80s excessiveness and a disco hangover, the LA Pride Roller Rink will be feature the best DJs in Los Angeles, from all corners of nightlife giving DJs and skaters a chance to spin & roll bounce to their own flavor.

The rink which will be located in the former SummerTramp Pride 10,000 sq. ft space will exist as a VIP experience accessible with the purchase of either a daily VIP ticket or a weekend pass. The VIP Ticket will include exclusive access to Thunder Ground’s outdoor roller rink, 2 free drinks at the VIP bar & lounge, food vendors, upgraded bathrooms and a main stage viewing area. Also included in the ticket price are traditional-style roller skates for rent, in part because they’re easier for inexperienced skaters to handle than in-line skates, but more importantly because you’ve got to have the right tools to groove. (Skaters are welcome to bring their own wheels, although there’s no drop in admission price.)

Thunder Ground opens with the festival on Friday, June 6th and closes on Sunday, June 8th. Expect daytime summer realness on wheels and roller queen diva decadence under the stars and into the night.


More info from this event is available here.

Gigantic outdoor roller rink with a hot set of wheels!


Aaron Colbert
Aaron Elvis
Daisy O’dell
Casey Alva
James Cerne
Mike Bryant
Derek Monteiro
French Kiss
Josh Peace
Paulo Ramirez
Ryan Kenney

Rink Masters:

Trey Knight
Candace Heiden

From Chris Bordeaux:
Shout out to Melissa Brown, Geo Niki, and Mynxii White for always being fabulous.
And a special thanks to Jacquelynn Loveless for being an amazing assistant!

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